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Sometimes it would be easier to be like Henry Ford*, and tell people you can get any color of paint you want as long as it is black. But we're not like Henry Ford--we sell Valspar Paint and Cabot Stains, and they have thousands of color choices.

But don't despair if we don't have the exact color to match your Aunt Mildred's dresser. We can color match paint samples with our color computer and get just the right color for you.

Need inside stain or finishes. We've got you covered on those too with Minwax and Varathane brand stains and topcoats.

*Want to know the strange City Lumber and Henry Ford connection? Our second owner, Robert Booth figured out that Ford used Port Orford Cedar to make battery boxes for Model A's and Model T's. Booth bought up a whole bunch of Port Orford cedar forests on the southern Oregon coast and sold it to Ford Motor. Just ask Jeff for the rest of the story.